Eduardo Molinari


Buenos Aires, Argentinien


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„Sensitive offensive“, Plakat DinA0, 2021, Eduardo Molinari


© Eduardo Molinari


Sensitive offensive

(Poster, digital collage, 2021)
Photo: The Walking Archive Doc.

Exceptional situations modify the ordinary perception of our surroundings, allowing us to discover their wild dimension. Crises have a cognitive power because we lose the value of the sense already given and paths open up to create new ways of life from what is already dead. In times of climate change, pandemics and postmodern fascism, in times of democracies stalked by neo-extractivist, financial and semiotic capitalism, our sensibility has become a battlefield. A sensitive offensive is needed. An offensive that refers to a maximum of corporeality in our language: language that creates forms of life and forms of life that create language. What can the language of art do in this battle?

Eduardo Molinari / The Walking Archive, September 2021.

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